Tuesday, July 1

"Rite of Passage" releases first Praise and Worship Album recorded at Joyful Noise Studios

Six songwriter/worshipers have completed their first praise and worship CD at Joyful Noise Studios, a service of Joyful Noise Ministries (www.joyfulnoiseministries.org) located in Big Lake Minnesota. Their CD is set for release in mid-July.

Pam Nelson, Ray Ramirez, Steve Olson, Kerry s...., Mark Moele, and Sarah K each contributed to the songwriting and arranging with Steve O who co-wrote and played drums and acoustic guitar. Steve and Michael Talbott, principal of JoyFul Noise ministries served as co-producers.

According to Pam Nelson, leader of Rite of Passage, "God called us together to give the songs he gave us to others....we wanted to share these songs with those outside our church and God put Mike into our lives to make that happen...Our Lord is awesome in the way He make things come together"

Included on the CD is a hidden track of live worship. Said Talbott, "this project has exceeded our abilities....This CD would never have come together without the hand of the living God invovled in this project." I believe He has plans for the people He's called together for this project and the resulting music product is testimony to His plan."

For more information, contact Michael Talbott at michael.talbott@gmail.com

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