Sunday, December 28

Joyful Noise Ministries 2008 Christmas Greetings

2008 Christmas Time Greetings from the Talbott's...

We’re in Ohio this year for Christmas visiting some friends and family, and thought we'd post this to bring you up to date on our 2008.

Dixie entered a photo contest this year. She didn’t win anything. So, then she decided to teach herself to watercolor. So far, nothing worthy of framing, according to her (her Cat painting, in my opinion, was fantastic!) She's improving her painting daily keeping her brain cells activated and challenged. She became an avid walker throughout the entire winter and spring only to find out she had a fractured pelvis and, since May, had been using a wheelchair and walker, until about 3 weeks ago. It’s a good thing she enjoys sitting around reading, painting and photographing grandchildren! Oh, one bit of good news... somehow she managed to lose twelve pounds during this period. She thinks it happened because it was just too much work to wheel herself into the kitchen-all of ten feet away.
Hmm...maybe I should break something...

Thursday, December 4

S.A.L.T. takes us on the "Journey of the Magi"...

Don't ask me what I was thinking.... That's me, Michael Talbot, Principal of Joyful Noise Ministries,  on the left...
In addition to producing S.A.L.T.'s newest CD as a fundraiser for their ministry, I agreed to play Balthazar, an ADHD Wise Man (think ancient "geek" scientist) searching for the birth of the King of Kings foretold by scriptures more than 2000 years ago in S.A.L.T.'s newest production portraying the birth of our Savior.
This year, S.A.L.T. makes its audience part of the "Journey of the Magi" and they soon discover we are all on a journey to the manger in our faith and in finding our own unique gifts to honor our here to read more...
For more information about S.A.L.T. click here or email Mike Talbott at

Tuesday, March 25

Joyful Noise Ministries to dialog with Christian praise and worship artists

Since 2001, we've been working with emerging Christian artists to help them:

  • Understand their natural talents, spiritual gifts, and calling
  • Develop their music ministry
  • Launch, promote and fund their ministry
  • Establish accountability within their ministries.

Also, since 2001, all of our posts were simply a way to induce you to some of our emerging artists in a "press release" format.

About JoyFul Noise Ministries....

JoyFul Noise Ministries provides Christian Music and Worship Arts Ministry development services, Studio and Live recording services, and Music Publishing services to emerging artists whom God has called and gifted to serve Him in ministry.

JFN Ministries also offers Teaching Seminars, Coaching, and Consulting in Praise and Worship Arts to churches, their praise teams, artists, and professional staff.