Tuesday, January 1

The "JoyFul Noise Ministries" Story

For a song: By Katie Friedman, Monticello Times Editor
published in The Monticello Times, October 12. 2001

The cozy lakeside abode of Mike Talbott and his wife, Dixie, has come to house much more than two people and their immediate family. It has also become the home of Joyful Noise Ministries, a resource for Christian musicians seeking a vehicle by which to record, publish and ultimately share the music that springs from their souls. -->

About JoyFul Noise Ministries....

JoyFul Noise Ministries provides Christian Music and Worship Arts Ministry development services, Studio and Live recording services, and Music Publishing services to emerging artists whom God has called and gifted to serve Him in ministry.

JFN Ministries also offers Teaching Seminars, Coaching, and Consulting in Praise and Worship Arts to churches, their praise teams, artists, and professional staff.