JFN Services

Joyful Noise Ministries provides focused coaching, consulting, teaching, and producing through:
  8 Music and Worship Ministry Development Process modules
   6 Music and Worship Skills Development modules
   Recording and publishing client original works
   Producing on-demand demo and consumer CD’s and downloads of clients’ music ministry

Joyful Noise Ministries serves:
  •      Christian Songwriters in Ministry
  •      Christian Musicians in Ministry
  •      Christian Bands in Ministry
  •      Worship Teams
  •      Churches and their Leadership Teams
  •      Audio/Visual Arts Teams     
  • Other Para-church ministries involved in Christian music (i.e. Christian Radio Stations, Educational Institutions, music labels, concert promoters, etc

Our focus is on local churches, allowing their called people to “bloom where they are planted”

Joyful Noise Ministries' Music Ministry Development Process Modules:
  •      Understanding Your Call and Crafting Your Core Purpose (2 sessions)
  •      Music Performance Ministry - Keys to delivering quality, meaning, and effective ministry (2 sessions)
  •      “Marketing” Your Music Ministry – how to create opportunities to minister to the people God has called you to serve
  •      The “Business and Legal” Aspects of your Music Ministry (copyright, contracts, publishing, organizational structure, liability, etc)
  •      Worship Arts Ministry for God’s People and His Church (specifically tailored for artists called to worship ministry and/or specific church needs) (2 sessions)

    Joyful Noise Ministries' Music Ministry Skills Development Workshops:
    •     Songwriting (4 sessions; co-taught with  Christian Songwriters)
         An Overview
    •      Recording (1 session)
          How to Prepare
          Tips and tricks
          Practical Experience
    •      Live Sound Reinforcement 
                 (1, 2 or 3 sessions)
    -->    Customized for your church and worshiper profile

     Contact Michael Talbott at michael.talbott@gmail.com for more information

      About JoyFul Noise Ministries....

      JoyFul Noise Ministries provides Christian Music and Worship Arts Ministry development services, Studio and Live recording services, and Music Publishing services to emerging artists whom God has called and gifted to serve Him in ministry.

      JFN Ministries also offers Teaching Seminars, Coaching, and Consulting in Praise and Worship Arts to churches, their praise teams, artists, and professional staff.