Tuesday, May 14

Need some lifting up? Jim Anthony's TV show taping this Sunday...with you and your friends!

Jim is taping a TV show in Brooklyn Center with a live audience this Sunday, May 19 (click "TV show" for more info and to invite your friends) and we want you and your friends to come!

Jim has a long history of great songwriting and performing. Over the past few years, as he's dealt with the challenges of life most of us face at one time or another, the collection of his songs has come to reflect his stories of challenges, struggles, and just plain living day to day in this flawed world.

Many of these stories, especially those captured in last year's album, "Good to be Me", and in his most recent album "Better Day" (released earlier this year) are not about the "problem", however. They are, in fact, great stories of hope, of overcoming obstacles, and of declaring where he has put his trust. Uniquely written to reach those who may not think of a traditional "church" as a place of solace and comfort, Jim's "stories" are directed, not in a "preachy" way, but like a friend telling a friend the truth of scripture, and the saving grace of Jesus as He has impacted Jim's life. It's simply Relational Evangelism in Song...

Make no mistake, this is not your regular Sunday morning go-to-church praise and worship fest. It is, however, a story-teller's way of sharing his gifts...Americana music songwriting at its best....and songwriting that tells how his relationship with Jesus has comforted, guided, uplifted and given him an unshakable hope for today and for the future.

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