Tuesday, April 14

7 "New" Tips for Christian Contemporary Music Singers...

As I was thinking about "tips for singers", I thought back on "Directions for Singers" written by John Wesley for a Hymnal published in 1761. He was providing direction for how people ought to sings those "newfangled hymns"...a 1760's version of contemporary worship tunes...

I read through his work, thought about how we might express his thoughts today and came up with these seven "tips for Christian singers" Let me know what you think about them...

1. Really learn and understand the lyrics you’re singing. Understand what the writer was trying to get across in the song and embrace the lyrics with your whole body, mind, AND voice.

2. Make sure you have the words memorized in a way you don’t have to think about them or use “tricks” so you won’t forget (see tip #1)

3. Remember to keep singing all the way thru the song…don’t try to think ahead, or focus on a particular part of the song when you need to concentrate more…you need to sing all the way through the songs, telling the whole story as written by the songwriter as it unfolds.

4. Sing with your whole self. When you’re done with the song, you should have nothing left to give emotionally to the story you just told.

5. Sing appropriately for your audience…if for the Lord, with respect: if with other believers singing along, lead but blend in. If for pre-Christians: in an appropriate way for them to be moved…by your song, not your person.

6. Sing in Tune and in Time. Let your vocal be a seamless part of the song lyric, perfect in rhythm, and note.

7. The Most Important Tip of All: Sing in and to the Spirit. Our ultimate audience is God Almighty, and our ultimate source of the power to be used by God is from Him also. If we please the Lord in our obedience to the calling suggested by our talents, and serve Him in full surrender with excellence, His work will be done through us, and not as a result of our effort alone. Work as if the results are our responsibility, trust and know that the results are God’s work, and His work will be done through you.

How are you approaching singing in our Lord's name today? Have you thought about the question? What do you think you might do differently, having read through these ideas?

For John Wesley's original "Directions", click here (very amusing reading in his original language.) For more information about this topic, email Mike Talbott at michael.talbott@gmail.com


Joyful Noise Ministries said...

See Kathy L's comment at http://joyfulnoiseministries.blogspot.com/2008/12/john-wesleys-directions-for-singing-pub.html

VJ said...

These tips will go well with the LOLCB, don't you think?

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