Friday, December 22

S.A.L.T."seasons" the Christmas season

On December 15th, 2006, the citizens of Monticello got the Christmas story in a whole new way....

S.A.L.T., a Christian vocal ensemble including Kari Kounkel, Willson Bergraff, Scott Sypnieski, Becca Kittel, Rick Herbst, Pat O'Donnell, Aaron Scherbing, Shane Ewert,Rachael Michaelis, and Brittney Doperalski, presented the Christmas story in an original and entertaining way to almost 1000 attendees for this auditorium event.

Formed primarily from members of St Henry Catholic Church in Monticello, S.A.L.T. members each have a love and a gift of music that just couldn't be contained in their local church. Says Kari Kounkel, director of the group, "We love to sing, we were born to sing, and we're committed to doing so under God's direction and through his power."

According to Mike Talbott, Principal of JoyFul Noise Ministries, "These people have been called to ministry....the response to the program from the faces of the people who attended S.A.L.T.'s first auditorium event have clearly shown me. The smiles, the talking and laughing between fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, husbands and wives are the evidence of their calling."

As they embark on a more structured approach to developing their ministry and their music, they continue to be in demand to perform their music...and not just in church services. Their opportunities to minister have included a wine tasting event, a New Years Eve celebration, and
two city-wide festivals.

For more information about S.A.L.T. contact Kari Kounkel at, Mike Talbott at or visit S.A.L.T.'s website at

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